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A gentle breeze caresses the oaks, bent by the wind. A whisper over the golden dunes that releases the scent of helichrysum and junipers, travelling until it reaches you. This is what you will feel with Acqua di Sardegna, the caress of our island on your skin.

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A precious collection of seven olfactory masterpieces born from the most ancient history of our land.

Acqua Di Sardegna Sandalia Luxury Perfumes Unisex 100 ml


Sandalia Shardana Luxury parfums Unisex 100 ml

Fragrances ispired by the ancient warrior peoples who sailed the Great Sea to fight between the lands of the pharaohs and the wealthy cities to the east.

Acqua Di Sardegna Raumduft home collection

Surround yourself with essences inspired by the wild and uncontaminated nature of our island.


The perfume house born to celebrate the island’s nature, history and traditions.

From Alghero, overlooking the sea, it draws suggestions and inspiration and transforms them into unique essences. The wind, the sea and the rocks are all found in the scents which unite the fragrances of trees and plants, the aromas of the dunes and the perfumes of thick, mysterious forests. Here, Every essence and every cosmetic product tells a story that transports the listener to a different, magical world. Every perfume is a journey, from the most distant times of our ancestors to the enchantment of nature that seems to freeze time.

The essences of Sardinia cross seas and distant lands, to recreate the enchantment of a Mediterranean island through the sensations they are able to arouse. From our stores to the whole of Italy and then the Arab Emirates, Australia, the United States and the rest of the world.

The artistic direction behind the creation of the essences, as well as the bottles and packaging that are an intrinsic part of the experience, is by Mauro Aprea, the man who breathed life into the dream of the House. After a life spent sailing the sea, he chose the island as his inspiration.

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Try the fragrances that inspire you most, choosing samples from the four iconic ranges selected by the House. Drop by drop, your experience with Acqua di Sardegna will reveal the island’s true nature. Find out how to receive them free of charge.

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