The fragrances of Sardinia, to take care of yourself

A line of bodycare products that combines excellent cosmetic quality with the fragrant notes of the essences of Acqua di Sardegna. The scents of the island are incorporated into after shaves, body creams, and delightful shower gels. The beneficial powers of Mediterranean plants are used to create products that help you take care of yourself every day, leaving your skin supple and moisturised. Helichrysum, juniper, and Mediterranean essences mingle with bamboo, green coffee, and hyaluronic acid in rich, smooth and silky compositions. Each product in the bodycare range nourishes and moisturises the skin, scenting it with the delicate, vibrant fragrance of Acqua di Sardegna.

MAIJDA Woman | SILKENING SHOWER - GEL 200 ml A shower gel with a silky formula that utilises the beneficial properties of jojoba oil and helichrysum extract. It leaves the skin smooth and supple, protecting it against dehydration.
Smeralda Woman Silkening Shower Gel 200 ml Cosmetic shower gel with the beneficial properties of jojoba oil and helichrysum extract. It leaves the skin smooth and supple, moisturising it gently, and is suitable for all skin types.
Smeralda Pampering Body Scrub Woman 400 gr | PAMPERING BODY SCRUB WITH VITAMIN E AND MINERAL SALTS 400 g A precious mineral scrub with the sensual and exciting fragrance of Smeralda. It combines sea salt, gentle oils Vitamin E and natural extracts of helichrysum and juniper.


High-quality cosmetics meet the magic of Sardinia

With Acqua di Sardegna bodycare we have created a range of the highest cosmetic quality for daily use for him and her. Precious Mediterranean extracts are combined in each product with natural substances chosen for their ability to heal, moisturise and revitalise the skin. Extracts of juniper, helichrysum and prickly pear offer their precious beneficial qualities, in combination with jojoba, bamboo, hyaluronic acid and green coffee. The result is body creams, shower gels, after shaves and scrubs with a rich, silky texture that care for the skin day after day, moisturising and protecting it. The cosmetic quality is special, that of a small, almost artisan production without compromise. The creams, lotions and gels become almost tailor-made, painstaking and precious creations. Acqua di Sardegna's lively and vibrant Mediterranean scent is the touch that makes each composition perfect and unique on the skin, a fresh and delicate perfume, like an impalpable memory of the Sardinian sea, the Mediterranean maquis and the summer breeze that blows through it.

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