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Acqua di Sardegna. Isoladentro.

Authentic, pure and wild, Acqua di Sardegna originates from an appreciation of the innermost identity of an ancient island and the search for the scents of its true nature that still manages to find space between the sky and the sea. This is how the House creates evocative stylistic notes that are able to transport you instantly to our homeland.

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Orgogliosi di essere stati i primi a raccontare la vera natura della Sardegna attraverso i profumi.


Crediamo fermamente nel valore della cultura olfattiva e nella divulgazione dell’arte profumiera.


Trasmettere la storia e la cultura della nostra Isola al resto del mondo è un privilegio immenso.

Endless routes and one man's dream

Nature and culture are two sides of the same coin. This is the firm belief of Mauro Aprea, artistic director and creator of every Acqua di Sardegna fragrance, made by skilfully combining and blending instinct and research, creativity and care. After travelling around the Mediterranean, he landed on the island and decided to settle in Alghero, where he founded his House. Today, he celebrates Sardinia and its people with his fragrances. Using Mediterranean essences, he creates fragrances that evoke the the island in all its authenticity, the colours, the waves, the silence, the wind and the beauty of this land.

Via perfumes, we are the keepers of Sardinia’s history, traditions and nature.

Sardinia is our inspiration, the centre of our every creation. We believe that caring for it and preserving its history, nature and traditions are our duty. We fulfil that duty by respecting it, making it known and appreciated.

From our shores to the whole world

We make our island known and loved everywhere. Acqua di Sardegna essences are found in the world' s finest perfume shops. In Dubai, Sofia, London, Benowa, Riyadh, Barcelona, Muscat, Budapest, New York and othe international cities.

Come and visit us

Find the store closest to you and experience Acqua di Sardegna in person. Let us take you on a discovery of our fragrances, bodycare products and room fragrances.

Walk into one of our stores and begin your journey

When you enter an Acqua di Sardegna store you enter a unique world, where you immediately learn to recognise the value of every gesture that leads to the creation of a fragrance. Discover the different nuances among the essences and how they are able to emanate the colours and soul of our island. Each store is an unexpected experience, the start of a journey full of emotions.

Our story

Acqua di Sardegna was the first perfumer to reveal all the treasures of our island.

Since 2008, it has been expertly and passionately creating fragrances and essences that are appreciated the world over, thanks to the guidance of founder and creative director Mauro Aprea and the excellence of the finest international master perfumers. The design, conceived for each package, reveals meticulous attention to detail and conveys a true image of the unspoilt nature from which it takes its inspiration. Alghero is the place where everything took shape, a special place where history and nature merge between the Aragonese ramparts and the foam of the sea that caresses them. It was here that we established our headquarters and found the inspiration for our first range of perfumes, ACQUA Eau de parfum woman, man and unisex. A citrusy scent, fresh and light as a sea breeze.

We created new collections between 2010 and 2016, inspired by the decisive and proud character of Sardinian women and men (Maijda); the wild, secret places that Sardinia has maintained intact over time (Desvélos); the refined, Mediterranean atmosphere of a jet set of days gone by, when the coast of Gallura was a secret haven for a select few (Scalo Porto Cervo); the scents of the sun and the colour of the sea (Smeralda).

In 2017, our House launched a luxury collection, the first Sandalia niche range. Each perfume tells a story or a legend from the island, passed down from generation to generation. This was followed by the birth of Shardana, the second Sandalia range and the new Hìrvu range, the first unisex sports fragrance. Over the years, in addition to personal fragrances, we have also produced a range of room fragrances and several body fragrance ranges. We continue to dedicate every day to researching and experimenting with new olfactory compositions to offer you unexpected sensory emotions.

Discover Acqua di Sardegna products

Wherever you are, let the island embrace you in its fragrances. Choose from our personal fragrances, collections, room fragrances and the products from our body range.

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